Cold Outreach as a service for B2B Businesses

Custom Outbound provides a unique growth lever for B2B businesses seeking consistent lead flow

How it Works

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    Kick-off Session

    No business is the same and we understand that like no other. Kick off your campaign with your dedicated success manager and define your ideal prospects.

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    Campaign Management

    We take care of every part of the cold outreach campaign, from generating an up-to-date list of client prospects to writing personalized email copy.

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    Close the Deal

    Custom Outbound brings the deal directly to the inbox of your choice. Have your team focus on closing deals without having to handle cold outreach.

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Cold Email is Still King

There will always be trendy and upcoming ways to source new leads. Email is still the best.

  • 76% of U.S Workers

    Across the United States, 76% of business workers check their email 5+ times per day. Reach your prospects where they're already at (*statista)

  • 89% of marketers

    Worldwide 89% of marketers say that email is their primary channel for lead generation (*statista)

  • 3,800% ROI

    The average ROI for email marketing is 3,800% (*benchmark)

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Case Studies

See how we enable B2B businesses to source more leads

Discover how Stone Peak Equity contacted 1086 prospects and booked over 32+ sales meetings [Case Study]

“Crafting a message that was both low friction and relevant was extremely important in making this campaign successful. A low friction message that didn’t ask prospects for their time allowed Stone Peak to stand out and provide value first. This worked wonderfully in helping prospects see value in Stone Peak's offer and ultimately resulted in a higher conversion rate.” 

Aidan Pitts, Custom Outbound

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